Mastercraft NXT @ Bridgewater Marina

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Paddleboard - Bridgewater

Limited Liability Damage Waiver (Limits damage out of pocket to $1500)

Kids Water Skis - Bridgewater

Knee Board - Bridgewater

Wakeboard - Bridgewater

Couch Style 3-person Tube - Bridgewater

Adult Water Skis - Bridgewater

Laydown Double Tube - Bridgewater


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2021 Mastercraft NXT
12 person max
We’re excited to announce the newest addition to our rental fleet for 2021, the MasterCraft NXT! This vessel is designed with a focus on wakesports and wakesport versatility. It comes pre-programmed with settings for skiing, boarding, and surfing the left and right sides of the wake. For rentals less than three days, a Bridgewater Marina supplied captain will be required to operate this vessel.

Cancellation Policy: Rental can be cancelled for ANY REASON (with a full refund) if done 48 hours (or more) ahead of scheduled pickup time.

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